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Tips and Tricks

The best bit of advise we offer is, don't get lost trying to do more than your level of
technical ability. We have expert technicians on call to help you step by step if needed
and answer any questions you may have. You don't have to know it all to do any of it.
We have found that most people have a bit of intimidation when getting into domain
purchasing and web hosting so we strive to minimize that apprehension and make your
experience the pleasant success you'd hoped for.

"Where do I begin?" That's the big question we hear most often. Here's a suggestion.
If you are just getting started, first see if the domain name you'd like is actually available.
You can check that easily on this page.

Next, even before you buy the domain name select a hosting plan. We offer a reduced rate
for the domain name with any service other than domains you purchase (i.e. hosting etc.)
so buying the hosting plan first is the economical way to start.

If you already have a domain name or a hosting plan somewhere else, call in and speak with
one of our support staff to discuss your options.

If you'd like to use our almost instant web page service WEBSITE TONIGHT, again, think about
what you'll actually need for your business or service before getting started. Some of the templates
offer more add on flexibility than others. Also, most people can get all their web needs met with a 
website of only 1-5 pages but options with up to 999 pages are available.

Buying more or less than you need will cost you time, effort and money
so plan ahead or call in for help and guidance.

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